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Content Marketing and Capital Raising in Real Estate Investing with Ellie Perlman

Content Marketing and Capital Raising in Real Estate w. Ellie Perlman – Ep. 42

Content marketing and capital raising in real estate are rarely discussed in detail. Ellie Perlman is the Founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a real estate investment firm that specializes in multifamily investments. In this episode, Ellie shares how content marketing has helped her raise capital and grow her business.  Ellie provides her view …

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Inside Real Estate Investing w. Praveen Varshney – Ep. 33

Real estate investing offers cash flow, but at what risk? Praveen Varshney joins us for a second time to speak about his passion for this asset class. In this discussion, Praveen gets into why he loves real estate, the different asset classes he has experience in, and how he structures deals using LPs, GPs, and private company arrangements. He sheds some light on what to look for before joining syndications, as well as the typical locations and multifamily asset classes he prefers. Joining this discussion, you will also hear how Praveen likes to manage his properties, and he shares some tips for how to give back as an investor, but also how to push returns up even further while doing so.

Deciphering Family Office Investment – Ep. 27

Richard Wilson unlocks the world of family office investments. He is the CEO of Family Office Club and speaks with us about the blackbox of family office money and how companies can tap into this enormous pool of investor wealth.

We also discuss, of all things social media. One of the things that amazed me in this interview is how Richard has used informal, ‘real’ social media posts and blogs to attract multi-billion dollar clients to his business… That’s right… Richard shares with us how social media has been a cornerstone of his marketing program to attract and engage some of the wealthiest families in the world.

Public Venture Capital w Praveen Varshney – Ep. 11

From mining to gaming to real estate and now going deep with Social Impact Investing; Praveen Varshney talks with us about his approach to investing in winning opportunities. He and his partners – his father and brother – have earned an outstanding reputation and are now focusing their strengths on bettering the world through building companies that deliver on a greater cause.

Our conversation takes us into public venture capital, what he looks for in investment opportunities, his thoughts on capital structures and the powers of “aligned capital”. We also get into the deals he’s excited about now and how he and his partners structure and finance real estate opportunities.

Soft Skills Needed for Real Estate Finance w Frank Lonardelli – Ep. 5

Frank Lonardelli is the founder and CEO of Arlington St. Investments. Frank is a sharp businessman having built a portfolio of real estate assets well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. As well as having an exceptional eye for deals and detail, Frank is a powerful storyteller. He has the ability to paint a vivid picture of situations and opportunities which has surely worked in his favour when financing his projects. For those interested in real estate finance and real estate development projects, this is a special episode worth listening to.

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