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Introducing Connect2Investors – Ep. 35

In today’s markets, all public companies are facing a similar problem. That problem is how public companies find and engage the roster of service providers needed to properly manage public investor relations programs.

Joining us today is Neil Lock, the founder of a new company that is tapping into exactly that problem. Neil and his team are working towards creating an online destination that brings together all of these service providers to one spot, enabling executives and IR professionals to increase and evaluate their options more effectively. 

Anthony Milewski

The untold story w. Anthony Milewski – Ep. 34

Anthony Milevski is the former founder and CEO of Cobalt27. That deal alone is worth an episode, but in this interview, we go much further and wind through a number of topics. Anthony is a likely contender to receive an award for being The Most Interesting Man In The World. His path to resources and company building is fascinating.

In our interview, he takes us from his early days growing up in a small town in eastern Washington to the beginnings of his legal and finance career in Russia. It was there that he gained exposure to international mining and energy deals.

Anthony’s work with Cobalt27 generated its share of criticism about the life of that deal. So asked him to share his side of the story. He brings us all the way back to the first memo within their team and the first purchases of physical cobalt. We then go all the way through to the final transaction.

On another front, we talk about market forces that have materially changed how fund managers can hold positions in public companies.

Education Before Solicitation Builds Trust – Ep. 31

Times have changed…  Now, especially for public companies, content publishing, and thought leadership is a requirement to be seen and heard. 

Our guest today, Chris Smith, is a founding partner of Investing News Network (INN), an investor media company that publishes educational content about public companies and the industries they compete in. Readers come to INN to gain insights and educate themselves on a range of industries while also having an opportunity to connect with public companies and invest.

They provide a valuable service, both for their investor audience and their clients, being public companies. But this drives a conflict of interest. 

This inherent tension is something Chris is cognizant of which is why producing independent content is so important to the mission of INN. Through not pandering to companies and remaining objective, INN maintains its integrity while helping pubco’s credibly reach new potential investors. 

There is lots to learn here. Tune in!

Taking Your Company Public – Ep. 28

Delilah Panio, Vice President with the TMX Group joins us to discuss “going public”. There are four ‘R’s’ of going public that you’ll need to answer. Dalilah focuses on educating high potential ventures on the benefits of using the TSX Venture as an opportunity to raise capital.

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