The Best Companies Over-Communicate – Ep. 29


We are joined by Codie Sanchez, Partner and Managing Director of Entourage Effect Capital, which is one of the largest growth equity funds in the cannabis space.

Codie has a fascinating background, starting her career as a journalist focusing on human and drug trafficking. From there, she moved into the financial space, working at Vanguard, State Street, and Goldman Sachs before moving more directly into the venture capital game.

After a personal investment in cannabis companies, she followed this by joining Entourage Effect Capital to make an impact in the nascent market and make the most of the current climate. We hear from her about what she looks for in new investments, how venture funds actually work and the important ideas of trust, valuation, communication, and integrity.

This is such powerful information for entrepreneurs and can make a huge difference in your efforts to raise capital. Make sure to join us for this unmissable episode!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The elevator pitch on Codie’s career and her current work in the cannabis space.
  • Codie’s experiences early in her career working in large funds.
  • Sales training and how Codie learned the ropes of the investment game.
  • Women in finance; Codie’s experiences in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
  • The focus at Entourage Effect; the partners, the fund and investment ideals.
  • Characteristics of the cannabis market at present and comparing it to other booms.
  • The kinds of deals that Entourage Effect looks for and the importance of communication.
  • A nuanced explanation of the venture capital business model and the role of integrity.
  • Recovering from a misstep or the loss of trust in a particular venture.
  • Codie’s advice to early-stage entrepreneurs for finding funding for their company.
  • Some examples of predatory terms and the warning signs for entrepreneurs.
  • The processes around deal intake and relationship building at Entourage Effect.
  • Why Codie feels that waiting was the biggest mistake in her career.
  • Predictions for 2020 from Codie! Legalization, taxation and distressed options.


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New Episodes Weekly

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