Investing in Cannabis and the Future to Come – Ep. 16


In this episode, David and I talk about how his private equity firm is investing in cannabis companies, his early days of cannabis and the lessons he has from his twenty years of building and exiting companies. 

David brings some interesting perspectives about how big tobacco sizing up cannabis.  He discusses why they are still stuck on the sidelines due to regulatory barriers and risk mitigation.

We get into his views on why it is ok that we’re going through the volatility of the cycle. His advice is that CEO’s need to start thinking longer term in building a sustainable business that goes beyond the boom.

When discussing what he likes to see in a pitch, David said “Man plans and god laughs and (your) projections are a joke”… Its part of the many insights David shares here.

It is great to have more insights on cannabis from an investor’s perspective. Enjoy.

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New Episodes Weekly

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