Deciphering Family Office Investment – Ep. 27


Richard Wilson is the CEO of Family Office Club, and Centimillionaire Advisors. He speaks with us about the black box of family office money and how companies can tap into this enormous pool of investor wealth.

We also discuss of all things, social media. One of the things that amazed me in this interview is how Richard has used informal, ‘real’ social media posts and blogs to attract multi-billion dollar clients to his business… That’s right… Richard shares with us how social media has been a cornerstone of his marketing program to attract and engage some of the wealthiest families in the world.

Find Richard C. Wilson at:

Family Office Club
Centimillionaire Advisors

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Can ESG create capital gains? w. Ebel Kemeling – Ep. 49

Ebel Kemeling is the Managing Director of ESG and Responsible Investing at MJ Hudson. Ebel advises fund managers and companies on how to establish, execute and measure long-term Environmental, Social and Governance programs – or ESG.

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