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Billion Dollar Exit from Battling the Titans w. Anthony Lacavera – Ep. 52


Anthony Lacavera, an extremely accomplished Canadian entrepreneur, is the founder and chairman of Globalive. Anthony built and sold a number of companies including WINDMobile. However, mistakes are made in the entrepreneurial world, whether you are a seasoned veteran or an amateur. 

We shouldn’t be afraid of conversations that probe into difficult topics. Conversations around experience become an opportunity to make sure you have the right potential investors. They are a door to point out issues that indicate you might be too deep out to see. 

Anthony’s  accomplishments no doubt speak for themselves. But it’s how he got there and how he was able to finance his way through these ventures that is most fascinating.

Anthony Lacavera and his Journey to a Billion Dollar Exit

In today’s episode, we get into the details of Anthony’s ventures. He explains how he’s financed his companies, the mistakes he’s made along the way, and what he looks for in his current venture investments.  We dive deep into the details of his experience raising capital for big ideas.

Anthony’s insights surrounding the mistakes he’s made are invaluable, but perhaps commonplace among entrepreneurs. He shares the process and lessons learned in his journey to a billion dollar exit from battling titans in the telecom industry. He shares experience-based advice for founders and the importance of a solid shared vision when investing in a co-founded company.

We also talk about Globalive as a venture investor, so stay tuned for insightful advice and conversations with Anthony Lacavera

Anthony, now focuses his time on venture capital financing and high potential opportunities as well as hosting a new television series, Beyond Innovation on BNN Bloomberg.

As a bonus, Anthony shares one thing about him that you won’t be able to find on the internet. 

Enjoy this episode that comes packed with invaluable advice from an entrepreneur that has transformed Canada’s communication technology landscape.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • We learn more about who Anthony Lacavera is and what his career path looked like.
  • Anthony shares more about Globalive and the new television series Beyond Innovation.
  • We hear about the parameters Anthony chooses to stick to when investing.
  • Anthony gives some experience-based advice for founders.
  • The process and journey of starting up WINDMobile.
  • Deal structure advice: Playing chess versus playing checkers.
  • Anthony unpacks the concept of the “Co-Founder Discussion”.
  • The importance of a solid shared vision when investing in a co-founded company.
  • How the history of the co-founder relationship plays a role in deciding to invest.
  • Anthony shares his three most meaningful career mistakes.
  • Anthony talks about one thing you can’t find out about him on the internet.


New Episodes Weekly

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